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Want to experience life on an actual Army base? Take the goarmy.


First, you will work with a recruiter. Then you will attend Basic Combat Training. Finally, you will enter Advanced Individual Training. As a Soldier in the U. See the true meaning of being a Soldier. Army must be mentally and physically fit. Fit Soldiers are essential to the Army. Get a first hand glimpse into the Army lifestyle. Let Army doctors, lawyers, engineers, ROTC cadets, and everything in between tell you what it's really like to be a Soldier.

Army Post Virtual Tour. Curious about life on an Army post? This virtual tour will take you through all of the places you would find on a typical post, like housing, schools, shopping facilities and training areas. A day in the life of Pfc. Nathaniel Conkey talks about his journey to becoming an All-Army Rugby player. What time do you normally do your workout? Want to get through a door?

How about going through a wall instead? Meet the M2 Machine Gun.

One of the many weapons used by the Army. We love to show off our strength to the American people and especially during football season.

America 's Armed Forces : Behind The Scenes

Army 1st Lt. The Army uses various high tech systems including this mini drone surveillance system. Please try again later. Visit us on Facebook directly here. What is the Army?


The citizen-soldier: Moral risk and the modern military

History Structure and Organization. Post Locations. Not being able to work. Trying to make ends meet without my income. Figuring out I needed to do something for me like going back to school, and that it would help my family too. Robin is right: Her essay is honest, personal and tells the reader about who she is as a person. Sure, her story isn't unique in the military world.

Plenty of spouses face these challenges every day and find their own solutions to them. But in a sea of admissions essays, her story does something powerful: It tells you more about who she is in two pages than the rest of her application could put together. You just know I have a broken employment history and a community college degree," she says.

Women Aren’t the Problem. Standards Are.

This is who I am, and a lot of it's military. If you are trying to make your military life experience work in your college or graduate school essay, try following these simple do's and don'ts from military wives like yourself:.

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Be open about adversity. Sometimes the hard stories are the best stories. Whine about how hard it is. You have to use a challenge to your advantage.

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If you are just whining, it should be an email to mom. Assume they know the lingo. They don't. Take the time to spell things like FRO out. Expect them to understand military life is hard. You have to tell them about it.

If they aren't in the military world, they won't know. Use your thesaurus the whole time! You are smart enough as you are. Use the words you really know. If you have leveraged your military experience in your college essay, we want to know. Do you think it was an asset to your application? What did you write about? Spouse Military Education Spouse Education. Related Topics Family and Spouse Education.

All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. You May Also Like. Marine GySgt John D. Fry Scholarship The Fry Scholarship pays for college for dependents of those who died on active duty. Now, it's easy and free thanks to this partnership between Overview of Military Education Benefits The military offers great education benefits.

See what's available and take advantage of the benefits you've earned.

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My Profile News Home Page. Most Popular Education Articles. Even More Spouses Can Now Get This Great Scholarship The number of scholarships available annually to military spouses through a military family advocacy organization is set to d This Scholarship Gives MilSpouses Free Financial Counselor Accreditation Now through April 19, , military spouses can apply for the opportunity to earn a free financial counselor accreditation.

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  4. Military Life Military Spouse and Family Benefits Don't know exactly how to get your military spouse and family benefits or want to know more about what they are? Read on. Military Life Military life has a lot of nuts and bolts. You know, the little things that make up just an ordinary day. Military Spouse Employment While the military will always throw a monkey wrench in any best-laid plans, your career doesn't have to be one of them. Military Spouse and Family Moves Whether you're an old pro or new to the military moving game, there's stuff to learn about PCSing.

    Here's our easy PCS gu Military Family Deployment Preparing for deployment can seem like an uphill battle.